Sunday, October 13, 2013

S/O 2 Su-Z

Do you slap the wad of hair conditioner at the top of your head or begin at the ends? It makes sense with the shampoo. You drop it on top. That’s where the grease is. That’s why we shower right? To get rid of the grease?  I should ask Suzy E.

Are greasers the people that don’t wash their hair? or just use lots of moose and hairspray. *turns around*  I’m so uncultured.

Just, Hazel Grace.


  1. IDEA!

    Blog #11: Dear John. (I'm still working on the name.)

    Every student must dedicate a blog post to another writer in the class.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. (I hope this idea still feels as GRAND tomorrow.)


  2. Uh...thanks for the shoutout?

    (Honestly I don't know what the heck this post means. (But that man in the gifs doesn't have any hair so he doesn't really need to worry about conditioner, am I right?))