Sunday, October 6, 2013

Suicide is like Hide and Seek.

Little kids play hide and seek.

They all have been affected by the game at least once.

Whether they played in the game themselves or know someone who has.

It’s no big deal.

They don’t realize that after playing, one could fall asleep somewhere, be lost for hours.

Kids cry like it’s the last game they’ll ever play if they lose to hide and seek.

But within a few days, hours, or if they’re young enough, minutes, they forget they ever played, that they ever lost.

And they’ll never think about that moment again.

Their minds forget.

Until maybe they grow up.

Grown ups don’t ever play hide and seek anymore.

Their memory of the loss lasts longer than kid’s do.

It’s a game they think about playing when the power is out, when they want to leave their treacherous life and demanding schedules for a while.

To just be a kid or maybe to leave all together.

But hide and seek doesn’t end after a quick game.

Grown ups know this.

They wait for the seeker but sometimes he never comes. He forgets them completely if their hiding place is that dark,

if the seeker is that bad at seeking.

Grown ups are nervous to what people will think if they actually want to play the game.

People will judge.

Those who don’t care what people think? Play anyways.

And the little ones will be too young to remember.

I’ll remember. I’m old enough.

And don’t count too long or be a bad seeker.

Just, Hazel

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