Sunday, December 8, 2013

goes out to the homies

Because you guys are the shit.

I remember Grace Kelly got really sick and very tired. I remember the ladder saved her. Sometimes she still gets sick, these sort of deliriums. I remember it being hopeless and the cascade of pills turned into torrents. Maxon Schreave is hot. (LOL at book references.)

I remember Mara Sera came to school in second grade for show and tell. She showed us her neck brace and I remember wondering how you would dance in a neck brace.

I remember Farrah Fawcett and she’s got the scar to prove it. Upper left foot.

I remember the first time I saw Elizabeth Woolridge grant cry. We were on the computer, and whatever was on her Facebook homepage made her cry. It must have been really bad because Elizabeth is tough like that. She didn’t wipe her eyes, she let them spill. I felt miniscule.

I remember sleeping at Rosie’s. She’s a riveter alright. Always telling us to “be nice”. Rosie the Riveter likes cuddling. 

I remember how in 9th grade, Lotus Sutra hung out with “them”.  We were twins. I remember I was afraid of her skirts. It all started from a stalker and a raspberry snack. 

I cannot forget Malark Shattux. Malark darling, I cannot. I cannot forget the worst first kiss in the world, and the best second kiss clear to Mars. The slow dance when you belted Miley Cyrus. I cannot forget being filled with good bricks. That dance could fill 93 pockets. 

I cannot forget your curly hair used to look like cauliflower. I cannot forget the first time you cried to me. I cannot forget when you let me punch you pathetically and kiss you in the same sentence. Or when you hit the steering wheel because I told you I needed time. I cannot forget how you asked me to leave because you promised you would never loose your temper at me. 

I cannot forget you trying to tell me you played guitar. You weren’t very good. I cannot forget telling you I was impressed. That was 2 years ago, and you haven’t played for me since.
I’m trying to forget the girl with white converse. The skipping my head made when you didn’t text back for 4 hours. I’m trying to forget you were with her. I threw up at the hotel, and I’m trying to forget the front desk’s complaint of the smelly mattress. 

I swear on this. 

Just, Hazel 


  1. I do not remember what you are talking about sweetheart but I sure do love ya

  2. Oh man I loved this. Way too much :) the ending few paragraphs were brilliant

  3. it's nice to know someone thinks i'm the shit

  4. Hazel Grace. The second one should have tasted like grass and rocks, but for some reason it absolutely did not.

    Beautiful post.

  5. This was awesome, even though I'm on the outside looking in. Such a good post.

  6. It was easy to dance in a neck brace.

    Love you.