Sunday, November 10, 2013

Typewriter Series #1

The word "oblivinous" is grammatically not a real word but


  1. Wow. The entire thing is captivating and real.

    "The numbing sensation of electricity that comes when my feet brush the tops of your ankles"

    You are amazing.

  2. "and I swear to whatever God"

    You are the answer to my unspoken prayers....damn this is good. And I don't even have anything intellectually thoughtful to say....sorry.

  3. I'm trying not to swear anymore but If I wasn't you could be pretty sure that I would be cuz this was awesome.

    That didn't make a whole lot of sense but whatever.

  4. Most people don't think of feet on ankel's beautiful. You made it sound like the most beautiful thing though. Good. Very good.

  5. Did you write this?? Or is it a part from The Fault in our Stars?
    It's unbelievably incredible.

    1. I can't tell if you're sarcastic or just trying to make me sweat but, yeah I wrote this. Thanks. Means the world.

  6. Ugh! Ms. Lancaster you are absolutely astonishing, and I'm reading the book right as we speak.
    I look forward to meeting with you. Come January the 9th/10th. Hopefully I am to be graced by your presence?