Sunday, November 3, 2013

This would break your crayons.

They should make one final animated short. Where a now adult Bonnie visits the elderly, sick, and bedridden Andy in the hospital. Nobody would say anything, just soft music, and the sounds of the machines regulating. Bonnie's daughter walks in clutching a tattered woody. She walks to Any's bed and hesitates but Bonnie smiles at her and nods. She turns to Andy, places Woody in the crook of his arms and turns back to her mother's side. Moments pass and and Andy still lays in bed, eyes closed, chest rising and falling slowly. Bonnie and the daughter leave. Woody turns his head up and looks Andy up and down, and back to his closed eyes as if they were open. Woody lights up and says "Thanks, partner". A smile spreads slowly across Andy's face and Woody too closes his eyes. 


  1. This was brilliant. They should do that! Holy crap...I love this so much!

  2. And this made me cry to so fml.
    what is wrong with me.
    this was so good.

  3. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT. I CRIED SO HARD. But beautiful. Beautiful.