Sunday, November 10, 2013

Something Different

I never swear.

 Damn. That sounds like a good way to start. Damn that’s a nice yacht. I’m out of gas damn it. 

I never curse. Sometimes it’s because I think there’s a chance there could be something up there after our life closes. And that’s a risk I wouldn’t think is wise to throw away. But shit, I’m also afraid I’ll slip up and totally screw up swearing. What if I accidentally say something like, “What the damn is up” or “That’s so shitting cool”. I’d feel half-assed and I wouldn’t be giving the words justice. Hell, I’d ruin it for everybody. Everybody would be mad at Hazel and I’d feel awkward as Hell. Is Hell going to be awkward? 

I’m glad that Bob Ross doesn’t “give a shit about the moon”. First, I admire the shit out of him that he could say it like that. What a bad-ass. 

Sometimes I get bitchy and come very closing to cussing at whoever makes me mad. Tonight I’m not giving too many shits so hell yeah. 

But if I was giving shits I’d  say , “sofa king” and mouth the words, “vacuum bench” which makes it look like I’m swearing. So. That’s cool too. 

Just, Hazel


  1. WOW you swear a lot, i love your pictures hahahaha. oh and good post too.

  2. This seriously just made my whole shitty week (life *cough*)...well it made it a hell of a lot better. Damn haha made my day though, no shit. You are an amazing human being, just so you know (in case you haven't ever been told). Thanks for the laughs.

  3. oh gosh i love this. hahaha im sitting here trying not to bust up laughing in the middle of class. this is so good. I love this post. and pretty much all your other ones too. so thank you for your words.

  4. this is hilarious because, like, half of those don't even make sense. plus the pictures are so good. I love this. I mean I shittin love this.

  5. Damn it, I think I love this too much... (:

  6. This is hilarious. I laughed out loud. That's not a figure of speech.